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About Karen

Karen started  her career very early.  As  a child she would repeat the

commercials that she saw on tv to anyone around who would listen.  When

she went to college and discovered a broadcast production class she was hooked.


While working in the broadcast department at Northwest Missouri State University 

Karen produced her own country music video show as well as hosting shows on the 

college NPR station.


After graduating with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Broadcasting 

Karen started her first radio job on graduation day.  She has worked 

on-air at KCIY, KCFX, KFKF and WDAF in Kansas City, MO.


In January of 2007 Karen Carson Productions was born and became her 

main source of income. Building her career with some of the best companies 

in the world.  Karen has voiced projects for Air France, Hershey's, Nebraska Tourism, The Brooklyn

Tabernacle Choir, Hackensack University Medical Center, Kate Somerville and countless Radio and TV outlets across the world.  With the exception of Antartica, still working on that one. 


Let her put her voice to work for you.






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